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I’m sorry to bother you.  对不起,打扰你了。

not… in the slightest = not at all

pretty, quite , fairly  程度副词

plenty of  许多, 大量 




 get along with / = get on with   与……相处, ……进展的……


a small circle of good friends  一个好朋友圈

 know + ledge +able  

knowledge  知识      Knowledge is power. 知识就是力量。

 H2O represents water.       

 let sb down  让某人失望 

 come up with  / think of   想出  

 the rest of  其余的…… ,做主语时看它表示的概念


  buy snacks  买小吃 

  medical research  医学研究

  at the party  在晚会上  

  a knife and fork   一副刀叉 

  a shirt and tie   

  be nervous    紧张

  don’t have to / needn’t

  anyone else

  get pimples 

  take a long walk 漫步

  before going to bed

        I go to bed.


  单词 P31 前 

 背 6小段

  复习 1~3 单元  

 册 section A 做完       




情态动词   :

can , may , must , should 

Can you play the guitar?

He  must be at home.


He must not be at home

He can’t be at home.

must be 表示推测时, 其否定式为can’t be 

 can not         cannot 


May I come in?

 Yes, you can / may  

 No, you mustn’t /   


You must do your homework.    Must I do my homework?

                            No, you needn’t./ No, you don’t have to

You mustn’t do your homework.        mustn’t  --- 不应该, 不允许 


You mustn’t play soccer on the street.  

You mustn’t smoke.   



need    need to do  

        need 当情态动词时,用在否定句或疑问句中  



   You should read English every day. 


join +组织  


join the Party 

join +sb  


join in  +活动  = take part in 


would like = want 


be good at   = do well in 

be good for

be good with

be good to = be friendly to  对……友好



story telling club

an English-speaking country     一个说英语的国家


Students(are ) wanted for school show




TV show 电视节目

talk show 谈论节目 ,脱口秀 

show sb sth = show sth to sb 

show sb around 带某人参观某处

show off 炫耀  


talk about

talk to / talk with 

have a talk with sb  和某人谈话 


after school

= after  _____school__ __is _____ __over______




say, speak, talk , tell

say +内容           Can you say it in English?

speak +语种         Can you speak English?

tell sth to sb

tell sb sth 

tell sb to do

tell sb about sth


be busy doing

be busy with   忙于某事


I’m too busy to see you.  M2Bz2 cu


help (to )do

help sb with sth

help sb (to ) do


with one’s help 在某人的帮助下

Without one’s help  没有某人的帮助

can’t help doing 禁不住做……

When I heard the news, I couldn’t help laughing. 


be free    有空, 免费的,自由 


         have time 


make friends with

He teaches us English.

teach sb sth

teach oneself  自学 = learn by oneself 

teach sb how to do sth.

He taught us how to drive a car.

be in  表示状态   





every day/ month / week/ year





hardly ever      He is usually late for class.


twice a week    


in the morning

on weekends


sometimes  有时   some times 一些次

sometime   某时   some  time  一段时间    



now, at the moment , Look! Listen!   It’s seven


Look! He is eating an ice-cream

过去式的时间 :


last…, yesterday

just now 刚才,

…… ago,


this morning





     so , too, very, quite+  十分 

as … as   一定和形容词原级 连用   


 A be +as 形容词原级 +as +B

 not as…as   不如……,不及    = less +多音节 + than 


 This book is not as interesting as that one.

This is less interesting than that one.


 I am not as fat as Yzj


A be 比较级+than+ B 


Yzj  is much

 thinner than Hyz



 多   多          少  少,    any, even ,

 much ,  a lot     a little , a bit   


still , far  


Sam has longer hair than Tom

Sam’s hair is longer than Tom’s.  

singing competition  歌唱比赛

something new  一些新东西 

have fun 过得愉快 



help others  帮助 


other  + n    = others   

the other      one…. the other 

   I have two brother, one is in Beijing , and the other is in Singapore.


  the other + 复数 =  the others 

the others      (把一个整体,完全的分成两部分)    剩下的 ,

another   通常接单数    

       another +数词 +复数    

             another two days    再, 又, 还 = 数词+more


  some …. others  

perform a play 演剧


a great experience for sb  对某人来说是一次好的经历


write for a newspaper   为报社写稿


volunteer to do sth  自愿做某事

  He volunteers to the old. 

be sleepy  



have Friday afternoons off   休周五下午   

on my next day off   在我下个休息日  




reply to a question = answer a question    


make one’s own decisions  做出某人自己的决定  

I’ve make a decision to travel all over the world.

get in the way of  妨碍,

on the school running team  在校跑步队里, 是跑步队的成员


train 训练 

have a tennis training  进行网球训练 


achieve one’s dream   实现某人的梦想 

realize one’s dream  实现某人的梦想  

come true 


watch sb do 

everyone   指人       不能和of 连用

every one   指人,指物    可以和of 连用



be against doing  反对做某事    be for +doing  


do, did , does   后接动词原形 表示强调 

He went to the zoo yesterday.

He did go to the zoo yesterday.

now that   既然      




2 册

3  背课文 P24  

4 背前40 个短语 



Thanks for helping me.

Thanks for your help.


think it +adj +(for sb ) to do 







mind  主意,想法 

change one’s mind to mind

Out of sight, out of mind.  眼不见,心不烦。

make up one’s mind to do  下决心去做某事

I’ve already made up my mind to learn English well.



Would you mind me/ my opening the door?  

No, not at all. 

Of course not.


Sorry, but I do. 



turn on / off/ down/ up / right

turn yellow / turn green 

It’s your turn to do 该

turn …into … = change … into   把……变成……

in a minute 

Could you please   + do   






have to 的否定式  

don’t have to  = needn’t 


be popular with  受……欢迎  

hard- working   work hard     hard work

tell sb to do   告诉某人去做   

tell sb about sth

tell story 

tell a lie  说谎 


be quiet,  keep quiet 

most kids  大多数小孩  = most of the kids

in class 


enjoy doing

have fun doing

have problem doing




it + is + adj  + (for sb ) to do sth


it + is + 名词 + (for sb ) to do sth


touch   touching   touched   


learn … by heart     记住……  


touch one’s heart    打动某人的心 


in fact   事实上  , 实际上


break   --- broke  -- broken


have a break   休息一下

break the rules  违反规定     follow the rules  遵守规则


laugh at sb  

share   分享 

share sth with sb  与……分享……

They share the happiness with each other.

They share a 30 m2 room


We both like sports.

= Both of us like sports 


We both like English.

We are both students .


both … and   既……又  

I like both English and math.



My parents are ________ doctors.   both 

   win a race  / win the prize for …. 获得……的奖   won

   beat sb in  在某方面赢某人

   He always beats me in English. 

  beat- beat –beaten

get better in    在……方面表现更好 

 get good grades  取得好的成绩 

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