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have a problem doing

  have trouble doing

  have difficulty (in ) doing       在做……方面有困难 

   want sb to do  想要某人做某事 

   be sure to do          I am sure to win.  

          that 从句   I’m sure that he will win

          of    对……有把握  I’m sure of that. 

   be sure 用于祈使句时, 译成 务必, 一定 

   Be sure to turn off the light before you leave. 

   come top in the school exam 在学校考试中名列前茅

   on the top of    ______

   at the top of     ^

   top student   尖子生 

   let sb down  让某人失望

   think of 想出, 想到, 对……看法

   I’ll think of you as we watch the Black Socks win the game.

   the solution to the problem 问题的解决办法  


aid        first-aid book  急救手册

shelf      shelves 

on the shelf  在架子上 

come out     ()   

cover… with   用……覆盖   

Cover the table with a newspaper  

be covered with   / by     被……覆盖  

The ground is covered with snow.


    v  按,压         pressure     under too much pressure 

   n 新闻社,出版社 

deep   深的   --- deeply 

This river is 2 meters deep. 

I was deeply moved by the story.


go downstairs  下楼

go upstairs         




correct  adj = right   正确的    ------ correctly 

correct   v   纠正     correct the following sentences 




背课文,背 笔记  




by   介词  

I take the No. 6 bus to school.

 take a train  / go … on a train 


go …by car  

= take a car

= go … in a car  


ride a bike  

= go … by bike

= go … on a bike     I ride a bike to school = I go to school on my bike.


20分钟的路程  20 minutes’ ride / walk  / drive 


ride – rode    


walk        have/ take a walk 

            go for a walk  


   hundreds of   成百上千的 

thousands of       (前不能加数词  


How far is it from your home to school  

How many

how long

how much

how often 

how old

how soon  多久以后   (用于将来时)  

  He will be back in a week.    他将在一周以后回来  

 How soon will he be back? 

how come?    怎么搞的? 怎么回事?


be sure   一定,

      be sure to do  

       He is sure to come. I’m sure to win

          Be sure to come to school at six.  务必在六点钟到校。

      be sure that 从句

      I’m sure that he can win.   我确信他能赢  

      be sure of   对……有把握   I am sure of that. 

 I’m not sure. =  I don’t know.= I’ve no idea.

come true


it take(s ) sb some time to do 某人花时间做某事

= sb spend (in) doing sth 


It takes me 2 hours to learn English every day.

I spend 2 hours learning English every day.


pay … for 


cost++    This book cost me 2 yuan.   cost – cost   

spend 钱(时间) +on 

                I spent 2 yuan on this book.

             =  I paid 2 yuan for this book.    



some time   一段时间 

sometimes   有时

some times  一些次, 几次 

sometime   某时





他想知道 Bob住在哪儿?

He wants to know where Bob lives

He wants to know how old you are.

He wants to know how he can get to the post office


What  does he think of this trip?

How does he like this trip?


cross the river = go across the river    crossing 十字路口 

For many students, it is easy to go to school.


there is a bridge over the river.  

these students go on a ropeway to cross the river to school.


be afraid of

be afraid to do  

I’m afraid to go out at night.

be afraid that 从句

   I’m afraid that it is going to rain


My teacher is like a father to me. 


leave A for B   离开AB 

leave for   = go to  去……


leave the door open.  使……处于……状态  


leave a message for sb  给某人留口信 


leave – left – left


why not +do = why don’t you + do  



stop +to do   停下来去做  

stop doing  停止做某事  



discuss the best place for vacation

feel very happy

go to the Central Park.

in that restaurant was awful

would you like to find a guide

on the beach is hot and humid

there were very unfriendly

He played all day  

playing on the street.

practices speaking English

to join the summer on vacation

no time for vacation

 at the foot of the mountain

was lost in the mountains


so crowded that there was no room to stand on

in the corner of the room

makes us laugh in class 


make me think of my grandma

helped  me ( to ) find my bike

visited Tian’an Men Square.

too expensive to buy

some books

were crowded with the student  

save every drop of water

shouted for help 


the car sells well

at the corner of the street

make room for the old man 

discussed our future


visited the Palace Museum.



what do think of

How do you like

How do you find



mind      介意   + doing  

Do you mind my opening the door?

No, not at all.

        n  主意 

 change one’s mind   改变某人的主意 


can’t stand    不能忍受     + doing 

welcome to 


a 13-year-old boy 

= a boy of 13 years old


an 11 –year-old boy


ask sb about sth  问某人关于某事

can you please + do 

will you please +do        

would you please + do

could you please + do  


look at … 

look at the photos   看这些相片


the picture of our school  我们学校的照片

there be


how about  = what about   怎么样? 好不好?


How about playing football? 






heavy   ---light      

He is heavy  他很胖 

lift  举起 抬起  


sell     --- buy 

  sell  过去式  --sold

country    国家 乡下    

 in the country(side ) 在乡下    


country --- countries 


sometimes   有时  通常用在一般现在时中


He sometimes watches TV.  

restaurant      at the restaurant       










both 两个都    all    三者以上 

 both of us         all of us 

Both of them are students 



 we are both students.     we are all students

 We both like English.


  both …and      ……又 ……

I like both English and math.


have good grades    有好的成绩 

Grade Eight 

should 情态动词    + 后接动词原形


the same as  ---- be different from  与……不同 



reach        arrive in / at     get to  

hand            v  递给      hand me a book

     hand in hand  拉手   

give me a hand  帮我一把


learn …by heart   记住, 背诵

break the rules    违反规定 

arm       in one’s arms   抱着 


laugh at  

Don’t laugh at people in trouble  不要嘲笑处于困境中的人

share …with    与……分享       


It is + adj      + to do    


be different from 与……不同  

My room is different from Tom’s


We both like sports.

=  Both of us like sports .  


bring out the best in me  把我最好的一面表现出来


if   是否      引导宾语从句  


reach for your hand   伸手帮你一把 

touch your heart   打动你的心   

kind   友好的     be kind to sb  对某人友好 

        a kind of  一种 

          kind of    有点   = a little  

 in fact  事实上  


make sb do   让某人做某事  

share sth with sb  与某人分享    

be there   不离左右   







be lost   丢失   迷路   


lost --- found   


in the lost and found case   在失物招领箱里   

He must find it.  


He looks for his watch everywhere, but he can’t find it. 


a set of keys     一串钥匙 

This set of keys is mine.    set 作主语时,谓语 的数取决set


1 背课文

2 单词练会

3 3单元完  



He can’t be at home, ______ is he?    



if unless  (除非)



If it rains tomorrow, I will stay at home.  

If it is sunny tomorrow , I will go to the park.


If you arrive in Beijing, please call me.






I don’t know if it will rain tomorrow.

If it rains tomorrow, I will tell you.



when, while , as soon as (一……就……)

before ,  after,   until   


Don’t get off the bus until it stops.

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